Fermentation 101 Workshop

What are fermented foods and why are they good for us? Want to learn how to make sauerkraut? What is Kefir? If you are interested in any of these subjects then come to our Fermentation 101 Workshop on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at our Whyte Avenue Store.

The harvest is bountiful – whether you are getting it from your own garden, the farmer’s markets or from a grocery store like Earth’s General Store. Sometimes we have too much and we don’t know how to process the excess. Fermentation is a healthy and effective way to take excess foods at this time of your and preserve them for later consumption.

We, at Earth’s General Store, believe that there is a gap of knowledge that was lost over the past 3 or so generations. The majority of people lived in rural and small towns and villages where many skills were passed down through generations – how to plant a garden, how to fix the tractor/bicycle, how to build a shed, how to bake bread, how to preserve, etc. We want to help fill that gap by having very knowledgeable people share their skills with others.

On October 8th we will be offering our very popular fermentation workshop. By the end of the workshop, you will be confident enough to create your own sauerkraut and will have a rudimentary knowledge of fermented foods and the values of probiotics in our diet.


We make our workshops very affordable because it is valuable to us to have as many people in our society learning and practicing these skills.

All equipment and processes will be professional demonstrated and explained. This is a hands-on workshop.

You will go home with a sample of cordito (Mexican sauerkraut). Please bring a 250mL mason jar or another empty jar with you to take your cordito home with you.

You can register and pay at our EventBrite page