Fall Workshops

Earth’s General Store actively promotes skill sharing with our workshop. I am pleased to announce our upcoming Fall Workshops.

Over the years our most popular workshop has been our Fermentation 101 workshop. We had our first fermentation workshop earlier in October but there will be more.

Our next workshops will be:

  • October 18th – Home Coffee Roasting (Part of YEG Coffee Week)
  • November 19th – Kefir and Kombucha – learn how to make these probiotic beverages in your home. Grains, SCOBYs and mothers will be available to purchase from the presenters.
  • November 20th – Small Scale Aquaponics – learn how to build and maintain a small-scale aquaponic system in your home.
  • November 26th – Roasted Harvest Holidays – come and enjoy creating a great holiday meal using roasted organic produce as the base for a comforting and healthy holiday meal.

We use Event Brite for ticket sales and organization. You can check out this platform or follow us on social media like Facebook or Twitter to be notified when new workshops are announced.