Fair Trade Month – Tea

Tea is an extremely popular beverage. It is consumed throughout the world. Every culture had some kind of leaf that they infused in water. When we ‘normally’ use the term tea though we mean a hot liquid made from the Camellia sinensis plant. All Black, green, white, oolong, etc teas come from this plant. It matters where the plant is grown, how it is harvested and how it is processed afterwards that imparts the subtle flavours. This is the same for wines and coffees.

When we choose Fair Trade teas we support a process that provides more equitable payment for their labour and production.

Fair Trade tea criteria is different than for coffee since most tea is grown in large tea plantations owned by a small number of people or a family. The plantation owners hires labourers to work the fields, the processing plant and packaging operation so it is somewhat different process to the coop relationship that Fair Trade coffee has.

Earth’s General Store offers a large variety of packaged and bulk teas. The vast majority of them are Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic – respect for the people and the planet.

For more information please visit FairTrade Canada.

Earth’s General Store carries packaged Fair Trade and Organic teas from Four O’Clock, Choice, and Just US! as well as bulk teas.