Fair Trade Month – Bananas!

Several years ago Bananas became the most popular fruit in North America replacing the apple. They are popular, they are tasty, they are inexpensive, and they come with a hidden price tag.

Bananas are big business. Large corporations have controlled banana production, marketing, distribution and, directly and indirectly, the welfare of the people and environment where they are grown. Check out the term ‘Banana Republic’ (and it is not about a clothing store) and the history of exploitation around commodities and the workers in the field/jungle.

Two videos I particularly like regarding Bananas are ‘Banana Split’ and ‘Bananas’. Check them up and I am sure you will not look at another banana the same way. Non-organic and non-Fair Trade bananas are extremely disrespectful to the planet (non-organic bananas are doused in pesticides encased in their traditional toxic blue bags) and to the growers.

Our bananas are grown organically (Certified Organic), by co-ops (BOS in Peru and CERRO AZUL in Ecuador) and certified Fair Trade.

Try our Fair Trade Organic bananas this month and enjoy food that is grown with respect to the planet and the people that grow it for our society.

Also check out the Guardian’s article and this one on the ecological footprint of bananas. There has even been a book written about this fruit and its footprint – ‘How Bad are Bananas’ (I heard the author being interviewed on the CBC’s Current) a few years back. Also this posting about the importance of choosing organic bananas.

Earth’s General Store is committed to providing the best products that have the utmost respect for the planet, the producers and for all earthlings at fair prices.