Edmonton Resilience Festival

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At Earths’ General Store we believe that having a diversity of skills is very important so it is with great applause that we welcome the annual Edmonton Resilience Festival back again this year to share knowledge and skills.

When we have workshops at the store one of things I always mention is the lost of traditional skills over the past few generations. A couple of generations ago most children in the household would learn how to garden, fix things like bicycles, bake bread, sowing, ferment, cook, etc. We have lost that transfer of knowledge and skills. We and events like the Edmonton Resilience Festival are working at rectifying this shortfall of knowledge and skill transfer.

Over the years Earth’s General Store has offered course/workshops on cheese making, fermentation, kombucha, dehydration, gardening, composting, raw food, veganism/vegetarian/plant-based diet, eco lifestyles, energy efficiency, worm composting, peace and have held an on-going documentary series for over 10 years. We think being able to do many of these things is important to have a connected, sustainable, more frugal, sustainable, and empowered citizens and society.

The workshops/sessions that Earth’s General Store offers and events like the Edmonton Resilience Festival attempt to fill the break in knowledge transfer that was traditionally passed down through families and communities. There are other groups that are doing a great job of sharing knowledge and skills such as Good Note Farms, Operation Fruit Rescue, Edmonton Organic Growers Guild, YEG Bees, and many more that I am not aware or simply forgotten.

The Edmonton Resilience Festival was created and coordinated by the great people over at The Local Good and the Edmonton Permaculture Guild. You can financially support this organisation through their website and you can support their mission by sharing, getting involved, and having fun with fellow Edmontonians.

We encourage people to get out and attend one or more of the workshops/sessions and learn more skills. It will only make you stronger and.. more resilient. We figure that is a good thing.

What Might You Find at the Edmonton Resiliency Festival 2016

  • Friends – old and new
  • Fermentation
  • Bread Making
  • Cheese Making
  • Sowing/Repair
  • Dyeing
  • Home Coffee Roasting (we might offer this workshop)
  • Networking/sharing/conversations
  • … and many more. Check out their website closer to the date to find out what skills sharing sessions they are going to offer this year.

If you have a skill that you have that you could share then please let them know by filling in the form on their website.

The Edmonton Resilience Festival has a call out for volunteers so if you have time on the weekend of April 29th to May 1st, 2016 I am sure they will appreciate you helping out. Send an email to yegresilience@gmail.com to get more information on how to volunteer.