Earth’s General Store is Your Source for Healthier Beverages

We all need to drink. We all NEED to drink. Our bodies require that we consume fluids. The basis of all beverages is water but plain water can be kind of boring as a staple and some beverages offer benefits beyond what water alone can. Earth’s General Store is your source for healthier beverages.

We recognize that some beverages have some benefits over plain water – coffee has a kick; teas/infusions/tissanes may have healing, calming, or stimulating properties; juices provide vitamins and other micro-nutrients (though the consumption of juice is a contentious issue and juice intake should be moderate); some provide probiotics; some have alcohol involved; etc.

Beverages we offer:

Fermented beverages – Kombuchas and Kefirs


  • KeVita – a sparkling fermented drink that provides probiotics. These are kefir based. We no longer carry the KeVita brand since they were acquired by Pepsi in 2016.
  • Brew Dr – is a popular naturally carbonated beverage that is kombucha based .
  • GT/Synergy – classic kombucha beverages and their Synergy line, blends fruit juices with their raw and organic kombucha base.
  • Rise Kombucha – innovative and well-liked kombucha flavourings. They are the only ones so far that make a larger (1L) bottle that brings down the price per milliliter.


Virgil – does not contain high fructose – they use cane sugar. Their sodas are very good. Root beer, Cola, Dr. Better, Black Cherry Cream Soda, Cream Soda, and Orange Cream Soda. Consume in moderation.

Taste of Nirvana coconut water – hydrate your body naturally. Good tasting.

Feeding Change – is the freshest tasting coconut water – raw, organic, frozen at the processing centre in Thailand. This is an expensive and premium product.

Kiju Organic – green teas and juices. They also offer the small individual tetra packs that work quite well for school lunches (though it would be best to use a small reusable container and refill from a larger container). Canadian Company.

Happy Planet juices and smoothies – many are certified organic. I believe it is still a wholly owned Canadian company.

Dandy Blend Dandelion coffee substitute – as far as we know we are the only cafe that offers people this option as a hot beverage and where you can purchase it in packaged or bulk.

Coffee – we roast our own Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee at our Whyte Avenue store in small artisanal batches to create one of Edmonton’s BEST coffee with the taste of freshness, justice, respect and fairness. We only carry our coffee in bulk and encourage people to bring in their own containers/bags to refill. Refill – Don’t Landfill! Hot coffee-to-go is available at our downtown store. Save 50 cents if you bring your own refillable cup/mug.

Tea – caffeinated, herbal, and decaf. Organic and Fairtrade with many in bulk (bring your own container to refill). Hot tea to go is available at our downtown store. Save 50 cents if you bring your own refillable cup/mug.

Vega – Protein shakes and electrolyte powders to add to your beverage. Some made for athletes with high protein needs. Always vegan based. this is a Canadian Company.

Garden of Life – Protein powders to add to your beverages


Water is the best beverage.

If you would like some filtered water Earth’s General Store has filtered water on the beverage-to-go counter at the downtown store. If you are at Whyte avenue and would like some water please ask one of the staff members. This water is free for people to consume ONLY if you use a reusable cup or fill your own bottle. Please don’t use a disposable paper cup.

Note – Earth’s General Store does not offer water bottled in single-use disposable bottles. Most of these bottles are overpriced filtered tap water. Most are owned by large multinational corporations (Nestle, Coco Cola, Pepsi, etc). ALL contribute to the waste stream and consume large amounts of natural and or non-renewable resources.