Downtown Bike Grid

It is time for Edmonton to join other cities and put some energy, money and political will behind increasing Edmonton’s active transportation infrastructure. A good starting point is the development of the Edmonton’s Downtown Bike Grid.

This proposed grid is modelled after the one that was implemented in Calgary just a few short years back and it has already tallied up over a million cyclist. It has encouraged thousands of more cyclist to use their bicycles in safer infrastructure. It is time for Edmonton to get with the program.

I see more and more people using bicycles – especially in the downtown core.

A local group, Paths for People, as reached out to the citizens of Edmonton to support this initiative and I would like to share it with you.

Watch the short video they made:

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Downtown Bike Grid

Watch The Video, Email Your Councillor


On October 11, city council will vote on whether to build a 7 kilometre grid of protected bike paths in the downtown core.

We’ve begun our campaign to help encourage city council to vote the right way.

Check out and share our video “The Magic Trick”. And then visit to learn more and email your councillor.

Help With The Letter Campaign

We had a tremendous response to our request for letters of support for the downtown bike grid. So far we’ve received over 20 letters, including ones from Epcor, the University of Alberta, and even Edmonton Oiler Andrew Ference!

Of course, more is better. The deadline of September 28 is approaching. Do you know an organization or business that might write a letter to city council in support of the downtown bike grid? If so please respond to this email and make an introduction. I will follow up with more details.

We’ve never had a better opportunity than right now to make Edmonton a friendly city for people on bikes. Give us a hand, let’s get this grid built!

Can You Speak To Council On September 28?

The Urban Planning Committee, composed of four councillors and the Mayor, will meet on September 28to discuss the Downtown Bike Grid. Can you make some time to speak in support?

Every citizen has the right to tell their story, and we are encouraging our members to ask their council to give them safe spaces to ride in Edmonton’s downtown.

See the committee’s agenda and register to speak here.

Thanks very much,

Conrad Nobert, Vice-Chair, Paths for People