Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing Postcard Campaign

Earth’s General Store has been in business for almost twenty-five years and this is the first time that we have engaged in a direct mail marketing campaign. We need to do something to bring in some more customers into our downtown store.No Junk Mail Stocker

We have worked as local activist against junk mail for almost 25 years. We even manufactured our own “No Unaddressed Mail” stickers when the City of Edmonton stopped making the ones that they made available to its citizens.

Junk Mail is very resource demanding – energy. water, and the human energy to carry them to your mailbox only to be thrown away or ‘recycled’.

I have turned to Direct Mail Marketing as one of the last resorts to get the word out. Perhaps it will help.

These postcards are only being sent to the residents and businesses of the downtown core (103rd to 112th street and 99th to McEwan) because I believe they are the people that might be interested in us (local, walkable, independent, organic, fresh, transparent, bikeable, etc). So if you get one of our postcards look it over and, really importantly, flip it over because there is a coupon on the back that you can use FOUR TIMES throughout February AND a chance to win a 100$ Gift Certificate.

We want to entice you to come into the store not only once but at least four times throughout the month (please note that each card has a certain day of the week that the coupon is usable on – Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

If you have a friend in the downtown core suggest they keep and eye out for the coupon and use it. If you happen to see several of these in the recycling bin of your condo or elsewhere please consider picking them up and redirecting them towards someone that may use them. Or put them under the doors of people in your condo.

We could use your help to promote this campaign and our store.

People can use their coupons for items at our downtown store only. All items in the store on the specific day on the card receive the discount(whether a sale item or a regularly priced item). AND the receive the same discount off our delicious food from our cafe.

So please forgive us as we embark on this direct mail marketing campaign in an effort to try to make the downtown store viable.

For anyone that wishes to get a free No Flyers sticker for their mailbox like the one above just ask the staff for one.

Riddle me this: What cost twice as much and does half the sales as the main store? What is the only store in the downtown store whose focus is certified organic fresh produce, healthier foods and supplements, and the only organic cafe in the city? What is the most walkable full service grocery stores in the downtown core? Answer: Earth’s General Store – Downtown!