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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in Very High Demand at Earth’s General Store

Our Diatomaceous Earth is Food Grade (Perman-Guard is the brand name) and this fact is what is driving the demand over and above our usual sales for getting rid of pest (bed bugs). People are finding out that when they use it internally they experience reduced joint pain, thicker hair, stronger nails, less lower bowel problems and a host of other ailments (the internet is full of information about the use of this product for a number of cures that is attributed to the consumption of diatomaceous earth).

As more people travel around the globe, the planet undergoing global climate change, and Edmonton becoming warmer bugs are becoming wider spread and more prevalent.

Over the past several years our sales of diatomaceous earth (DE) have increased substantially. People use it specifically on BED BUGS but can be used on many other crawling bugs. Bed bugs are becoming quite a problem for many people – specially for people in apartment buildings because the blood suckers can easily travel from one apartment to another.

DE is one of the more common ‘natural’ tools that people can use to remove or reduce the pests from ones home. I also recommend using your vacuum – several times a day and thoroughly clean things like the bed, sofa, chairs, baseboards, etc. Also – if you have a deep freeze: wash, dry (on a clothesline of course) and then freeze the items for at least 24 hours. Continue to wash, vacuum, freeze and use DE for at least a week. You have to be ruthless. I think a good tactic is to freeze your clothes when they are wet rather than dry.

So if you have bed bugs or know someone consider getting some of our DE to use around your home. (our DE is also food grade).

I have also noticed that there is an incredible about of information regarding this product on the internet – how to use it for pest, health and what ever. Use caution when using this product internally. Not all information on the internet is trustwothy (I know – shocking but true).

I personally use it internally and I believe that I get some great benefits from it.

If all else fails the best way to get rid of bed bugs in the whole house/building is heat. Several companies in Edmonton are now offering this service. Heat gets everywhere and will kill everything (I am assuming it kills the eggs).

Remember – avoid breathing the DE dust.

We sell the diatomaceous earth as a packaged bulk product in two sizes of bags. It is $20/kg. The small bag is about 400gm (~$8.00) and the larger bag is about 1 kilo (~$20).