Covid Skills

Whew! Quite a whirlwind couple of months. As we navigate social integration while dealing with the ongoing global pandemic we have to adopt certain Covid skills.

When you are at home – well, you can do whatever you like, but when you are out and about – well, that is a different matter. It will take skills to negotiate the new situations that we are presently in.

Our store has done better than many stores for months now on certain aspects but it takes the cooperation of our customers to really make a difference. We can have all the signs we want around the store but if people don’t cooperate and respectful then it can be a problem.

Fewer People in the Store

We will only allow 10 customers in the store at a time. There might be times where there will be less allowed in because of what is happening inside (8 of those ten people lining up at the check out counters). We want to help with the flow by lessening bottleneck situations.

We ask that people line up outside the front of the store along the sidewalk west of the entrance door (we want to avoid blocking the sidewalk in front of Maven & Grace).  We have marked the sidewalk with markers so that the people know how far apart they should stand. We have put a sign on the sidewalk asking people to keep the area outside the exit door so that people can be appropriately spaced on exiting.

If a person leaves the store it does not necessarily mean that a person can enter. It depends on what is happening inside.

Please bear with us. We are fumbling through this as best as we can and we greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Practice safe social distancing

You have heard this message everywhere. This includes everywhere.

The Covid-19 virus is transmitted by direct moisture droplets that we breathe out into the space around us. We have been told that they will normally drop to the ground by 2 metre distance. So directly standing in front of someone that is speaking forcefully is probably not a good idea but if your backs are towards each other then not bad.

Give everyone a safe space and wear a mask when in closer proximity.

Our staff will respect your space and if they don’t – tell them to back off a bit. They won’t take it personally and please if we ask you to socially distant yourself in the store it is nothing personal.

It is okay to be forthright with people – tell them that you need your space if you find that they are crowding you. But be respectful.



We have installed two handwashing sinks out in the front area of the store. These are hands-free sinks – use your knee to turn on the water flow.

We have provided soap and paper towels as well.

At busy times a staff person may ask you to wash your hands when you enter the store. We encourage EVERYONE to do this upon entry to the store. This will greatly reduce the chances of contamination.

We are trying to make our space as safe as possible for everyone. We are hoping that people will do their part to help this happen.


Reduce what you touch in the store

You might have just washed your hands, slipped on some new rubber gloves, and/or rubbed some sanitizing solution over your hands. As soon as you touch something, in essence, your hands are contaminated. Unsure, if that contamination would be with the virus but reduce the chances of that happening by touching fewer things.

Be suspect of all surfaces and items. You don’t know who touched what and for how long. Be safe.

I suggest that you wash your fruits and vegetables when you get home to reduce the chances of any transmission.



Strange times

None of the people we commonly deal with has ever gone through any kind of pandemic in their life. This is a new experience for most of us. We are all learning as we move forward through this pandemic.

Information and situations will change and evolve. We are told that we need to continue to practice regular handwashing, keeping our social distance, and be cognizant of how best to reduce the spread of this and any other type of virus.

Be well. Be safe. Love.



Keep refining your COVID Skills.