Covid 19 Update

The health inspector has shut down all refilling in most stores in Edmonton. We can no longer refill people’s containers or bags at this time. Sorry about this. We will make a big announcement WHEN we are able to do this again – update April 3rd, 2020

We have never done ‘business as usual’ and now even more so since nothing will be the same in our society going forward. As this new normal becomes a reality for a little bit of time before it changes again we are doing what we can to reduce the exposure to our staff, our customers and the greater community of the threat that this virus outbreak is posing. We take the threat of Covid-19 very seriously.

We take our responsibility to serve our community and the planet very seriously by providing groceries and household products to our community. Our store is different from any other store in Edmonton. We have many more opportunities to exchange contamination than most stores and we are doing our best to minimize what happens in those exchanges.

We have implemented a rigorous cleaning and sanitation regime throughout the store. We are implementing new strategies as we move through this changing landscape to protect everyone. Stay tuned for these strategies to be implemented.

If you have any suggestions how we can continue to serve people and protect everyone please share them with us.

If you see a staff person using disposable gloves this is a barrier to protect them from exposure to the hundreds of bottles and containers they are touching on a continuous basis. It also protects you since they will be sanitizing their gloved hands on a very frequent basis.

Some of our staff may start to wear masks. This is to protect them and you. These people are providing a service and come in contact with hundreds of people in a day so it makes sense for them to wear some form of barrier.

Protect yourself and others – know the symptoms.


What you can do to minimize exposure in the community:

  • Wash down the outside of your containers before you bring them to the store with detergent
  • Wash your reusable shopping bags and reusable produce bulk bags. This should be done on a frequent basis but if you are like me it kind of gets forgotten. Now is the time to ensure that they are meeting the standards & they are not carriers.
  • Wash your hands when you arrive at the store – there is a public washroom and there are plans to make one, and possibly two, handwashing sinks for people to use. The extra sinks are to be installed early in the week of March 22nd. See this hand washing tutorial on Twitter.
  • The staff person may also wipe down the outside of your bottle with a solution to reduce contamination before they refill it. We will try and wipe it down before returning it to you. We can no longer offer this as of the beginning of April
  • Use tap to charge for your purchase. This helps reduce the exchange of money and reduces people touching the PIN pad. Our PIN pad will continuously be sanitized.
  • Have patience. These extra measures will slow down our system but will reduce possible exposure – for everyone
  • Please practice safe distancing (if possible), cover your sneezes and coughs by using the inside of your elbow, wash your hands, and all the other recommendations by the health authorities.
  • If you are ill, we ask that you stay home and ask someone else to make your purchases. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to be personal shoppers.
  • It is ‘normal’, or rather it ‘was normal’, for a person to pick up fruit and vegetables and to smell them. We ask people to refrain from doing this to reduce the risk of contamination. At this point in time, we have decided to refrain from bagging our produce as the risk of contamination still exists.
  • If you are coming to do some shopping please consider coming alone – solo shopping. This would help reduce the number of people in the store at any one time. We are a small store. It is advised that, if possible, that one person from a household goes about to do the errands and shopping. This is impossible in many situations but it is hoped that with the reduced number of people moving about this will reduce the amount of exposure for each person and household.
  • To allow other people in the store to have adequate social distance we ask that you consider helping this happen. Keep your distance, spend less time in the store (this kind of breaks my heart saying this since the store is about conversations and community), respect other people’s space and your own because we don’t know each other’s state of health, physical, mental, & otherwise.

We want to help people get through this and will play our part to help make this happen.

Children’s Play Area

We have temporarily closed down our children’s play area.

There will be some sad children but it was a necessary move. I am glad to see that most parents are able to leave their children elsewhere before they come down to the store. Sad for me because I love children at the store.

We all must do what we can to #FlattenTheCurve. Today, they announced the first death caused by this virus in Alberta. Unfortunately, there will be more to follow.

Please let us know if there is something more that you think we can do to help make your shopping experience safer.

We will continue to allow people to bring in their own containers to refill.

Please follow us on our social media platforms to find more up to date information:

Hours update: Starting April 3, we’ve reduced the hours to Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm.

Be kind and respectful to one another in these challenging times. Together, we will prevail!

Be safe. Be healthy.