Climate Strike

Just like the world’s oceans, the youth of the world are rising. On March 15th, 2019, Edmonton will be participating in the Global Climate Strike.

What is Climate Strike?

The original Climate Strike started in 2015 (and possibly earlier) but the latest movement was inspired by a young Swedish girl named, Greta Thundberg. You can watch her TED Talk to give you some background.

It was a simple act but one that resonated with a great number of people – especially the youth of the world. It is after all their future that we have stolen and continue to steal from them.

Climate Delayers

Over the past 35 years, I have seen so much information on Climate Change and calls for action. I have also seen much in the way of delaying and denying tactics that have made most Canadians complacent about Climate Change. Our changing environment has become somewhat ‘normalized’ and kind of in the background of our consciousness.

Most people my age get comfortable in our lives, our roles, and don’t really want to rock the boat. We want to live out the remaining years of our lives in peace and comfort. We do not want to be told that we have damaged the very biosphere where our future generations are supposed to live. We don’t want to feel guilty.

We should only feel guilty if we don’t do anything. On Friday, March 15th, 2019 you have an opportunity to do something. Come and participate in the first Student Strike.

What will Climate Strike do?

Climate Strike will add energy to the movement unlike anything before. The youth are stepping up to protect THEIR future.

Climate Strike is youth-centric. These are young people that are saying – “Hey, you have had a chance to turn this around and you have delayed long enough. The science says that unless we take effective and immediate action to address the Climate Crisis MY life will be severely and negatively impacted.”

Extinction Rebellion and Climate Strike

The present Climate Strike Action on March 15th, 2019 is being spearheaded by Climate Justice Edmonton. Earlier this year, Extinction Rebellion Edmonton held several Climate Strikes. I am involved in Extinction Rebellion Edmonton and we tried to involve youth to take up this cause in Edmonton but Climate Justice Edmonton is more in touch with the youth and has done a great job of mobilizing the youth.

Extinction Rebellion Edmonton is a branch of the international movement that has mobilized to bring Non-Violent Direct Action to bring the Climate Crisis to the forefront of the public and governments consciousness.

I will be there as part of  Extinction Rebellion Edmonton.

Time to Join Extinction Rebellion


If you come to the rally on Friday, March 15th (noon at the Legislature building – north steps) bring some money to donate to Climate Justice Edmonton to help with their efforts to secure our children’s future. Revolutions need to purchase resources for signs and such.

Climate Strikes are happening across the world. Go out and support the one in your city. If you can’t make it take some action yourself to reduce your own Carbon Footprint.