Circuit Breaker!

Circuit Breaker restrictions now in effect!

Masks are mandatory (see our policy). If you cannot or do not want to wear a mask we offer curbside pickup. You can phone 780-439-8725 and someone will put together your order. You can also send an email to but I recommend that you phone the store as well to let them know you have sent an order in via email.
Also, the masks that are worn need to be deemed effective by our staff – no neck gaiters/tubes, bandanas, scarves, etc. AND they need to be worn properly at all times. If your nose continuously becomes exposed then you will be asked to leave.
We will only allow 5 customers in the store at one time. To help us achieve this, protect our staff, and other customers we respectfully ask that only one person per household enter the store at one time to do the shopping.
People need to socially distance in the store with a minimum of 6 feet (2 metres) between you and anyone else in the store.
FYI – our slower times in the store are from 9 am to about 11:15 am and from about 6:30 pm to 8 pm).
Stay safe. Be well. Let’s do our part to save lives!