Alberta’s Minimum Wage is Exceeded at Earth’s General Store

On October 1st, 2017 Alberta’s Minimum Wage rate will be increased to 13.60$/hour. Hooray for our government for helping to raise the many underpaid people in our society and to show them respect by raising the rate towards a living wage. We would like to highlight that Alberta’s Minimum Wage is Exceeded at Earth’s General Store

Michael’s Guide to Winter Cycling in Edmonton

It is inevitable – winter is coming. Along with winter comes winter cycling. To do or not to do? So I put together this guide to winter cycling in Edmonton. Most people that consider to bicycle commute through the winter months already bicycle commute. Winter cycling is a natural extension of their summer cycling. The …

Local Organic Produce at Earth’s General Store

This year we were able to expand our offering of locally grown organic produce. We helped The Organic Box out by taking some of their excess produce, we continued our relationship with Sparrow’s Nest Organics and we added a great variety of produce from Mans Organics in Coaldale, AB.

Earth’s General Store – An Update and Ramblings About our Business Model

The other week, when a regular customer heard that we were opening up a second store, he expressed a word of caution. He said that many businesses fail when they expand to a second store. We look like a store, we smell like a store, we operate like a store but we are more than a store. The business is just our vehicle to promote a healthier, more balanced, and more respectful way of operating in the world. I am blessed that so many people want to be involved in this journey – staff and customers.