Butler Soy Curls

People are REALLY enthused about this product. Our sales in 2020 were double our 2019 sales. I think that is because people are discovering the versatility of these Butler Soy Curls. Have you tried them? We only offer these soy curls in bulk so please bring your own bag or container to refill. Our mission …

Toilet Paper

We vote every day with our dollars of the kind of world we want. A significant portion of our Boreal forests is cut down to make toilet paper to be flushed down the toilet. There is a better option. You can choose toilet paper that uses recycled fiber content. This supports our recycling efforts and reduces the pressure on forests.

Reusable Menstrual Products

Since 1991, we have been offering Reusable Menstrual Products. We offer an excellent selection of reusable menstrual cloth pads, reusable menstrual cups, and healthier all cotton disposable tampons and pads.

Cold Brew NITRO Coffee!

Earth’s General Store is very pleased to announce that we will be the second business to offer Cold Brew Nitro Coffee in Edmonton. Our coffee is also roasted by us and is Fair Trade and Certified Organic…. and according to our customers, it tastes REALLY Fantastic.


Valentines’s Day is on Wednesday and to show you the love we have for you we are having an ONE DAY 20% OFF ALL CHOCOLATE. Note – this is not limited to just chocolate bars and such – this is Everything! This includes cocoa, chocolate, and cacao products

We Love Local

Earth’s General Store is a champion of local products. We carry a large variety of vegetables and fruits from Alberta organic farms. We Love Local!

Worm Composting in Edmonton

Worm Composting is a way that people can turn their organic ‘waste’ into an excellent soil amendment/fertilizer. Though Earth’s General Store does not offer worms any longer this web page provides lots of information about Vermicomposting.