Produce Update #1

Produce Update #1 November 1 – 7th Sorry – this is going out a little late. Hopefully next week’s posting on our fantastic produce will be more timely. As part of Earth’s General Store providing excellent quality information to our customers we will be posting a weekly update from our produce department regarding supply issues, …

GMOs in Organic Food?

People often ask me whether certified organic food has GMOs and I say – “no”. This is a qualified “no” insofar that the grower starts with land that has not had any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides on them for a minimum of three years, the soil has been enriched with organic matter (compost), had the soil tested and their records reviewed by a certification board, and the seeds they placed into the soil were seeds that were not genetically modified/genetically engineered. BUT, that does not mean that after going through this whole process that the crop is then not contaminated by seeds dispersed into their fields by birds/animals or the pollen blown into their fields. The grower did not start off with the intention of having GMOs in their product. I don’t think they should be tarred with the same brush of a crop that is grown on land that has used synthetic herbicides/pesticides and planted with GMO seeds.