New Products on February 10th

I think this is a great selection of New Products on February 10th.   Some great new products this past week: ++ vegan ‘Half & Half’ from Silk – a blend of oats and coconut with 10.5% fat to enrich your coffee ++ Rawesome ‘cheese’ cakes and spreads – vegan and raw ++ Pukka Teas …

New Products January 2021

New Year and New Products January 2021 – we just keep moving along at Earth’s General Store. Mushroom infused hot chocolate mixes from Noorish, Organic Vegan Oyster sauce, Silicone Menstrual Cups by Aisle, and some seasonal remedies – Acerola Powder and Elderberry Crystals. The Very Good Dog from @TheVeryGoodButchers Now back in stock – Eden’s …


Valentines’s Day is on Wednesday and to show you the love we have for you we are having an ONE DAY 20% OFF ALL CHOCOLATE. Note – this is not limited to just chocolate bars and such – this is Everything! This includes cocoa, chocolate, and cacao products

Important Update: Fair Trade and Organic Bananas

Canadians eat more bananas than any other single fruit. Unfortunately, bananas do not grow in Canada, so we must import them from much warmer regions and the cost to do so continues to increase. There are just two importers of Fairtrade Bananas in Canada: Equifruit based in Quebec, and our supplier, Discovery Organics, based in …

Enema Kits

We are very pleased to let you know that we now have enema kits available for sale at our Whyte Avenue Store. These kits come complete with everything you require to conduct an enema yourself in the privacy of your own

Herbs and Spices Savings

Herbs and Spices Savings of 52% to over 90% from Earth’s General Whyte when I did a price comparison with Safeway. On August 8th, 2016 I did a price comparison with Safeway at Boonie Doon Mall and found out that our customers could save at least 52% on herbs and spices. Drop around to our Whyte Avenue store and find out how you can save huge on spices and herbs. Refill Don’t Landfill!