New Products on February 10th

I think this is a great selection of New Products on February 10th.   Some great new products this past week: ++ vegan ‘Half & Half’ from Silk – a blend of oats and coconut with 10.5% fat to enrich your coffee ++ Rawesome ‘cheese’ cakes and spreads – vegan and raw ++ Pukka Teas …

Soaps from Savon de Marseille

Old is new again. Glad to reintroduce Soaps from Savon de Marseille into our store. We carried this product over 15 years ago. In fact, I think we carried it 20 years ago but can’t be sure. At that time people would call the ugly soaps. Yes, they are rustic and old-world looking but they …

New items on February 2nd

Seems we are hitting it out of the ballpark with so many new items. Here is a short video about the new items on February 2nd, 2021 New items to help people reduce their plastic footprint: All sorts of brushes with wooden handles – scrub brush, body brush, face brush, body brushes with long handles; …

New Items on February 1st

Here is a short video of new items on February 1st, 2021   Some cool things this week: Vegan Soy Loaf (Happy Veggie World); Green Tabasco hot sauce for refilling – bring in your own container to refill; Alberta eggs (not organic); Non-alcohol beer from Sober Carpenter; Watermelon candy rings from Wholesome Sweeteners; Soil activator …

New Products January 2021

New Year and New Products January 2021 – we just keep moving along at Earth’s General Store. Mushroom infused hot chocolate mixes from Noorish, Organic Vegan Oyster sauce, Silicone Menstrual Cups by Aisle, and some seasonal remedies – Acerola Powder and Elderberry Crystals. The Very Good Dog from @TheVeryGoodButchers Now back in stock – Eden’s …

Cold Brew NITRO Coffee!

Earth’s General Store is very pleased to announce that we will be the second business to offer Cold Brew Nitro Coffee in Edmonton. Our coffee is also roasted by us and is Fair Trade and Certified Organic…. and according to our customers, it tastes REALLY Fantastic.

New Products in our Stores

We have lots of new products in our stores. Metal and Silicone straws, craft brewed sodas, turmeric beverages, diabetic friendly chocolates, Vegan “Better than Bacon” shakers, new kombucha drinks, Fair Trade Chocolate Bark, many more that I expect will be new favourites.

Enema Kits

We are very pleased to let you know that we now have enema kits available for sale at our Whyte Avenue Store. These kits come complete with everything you require to conduct an enema yourself in the privacy of your own

Faux Meats

Earth’s General Store has an excellent selection of faux meats. Beast Burger, Kung Pao, Chick’n, sausages, deli slices, ground, bacon, burgers, meatballs, and lots more.