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Water Our Trees for Winter and a Healthier Edmonton #WaterOurTreesYEG

It has been a really wonderful summer this year but it has been very dry. Our trees are very thirsty. It is time to Water Our Trees! Trees are VERY important to the liveability, the ecological integrity and the beauty of our city. They are under stress and we have the capacity to help them […]

Growing Organically and Remineralization

Growing Organically and Remineralization  Organic cultivation is about doing no harm and feeding the soil so the plants that grow are healthier and will resist disease and insects. One aspect of organic cultivation that is often overlooked is that the minerals in our soils have been slowly become depleted in essential minerals since the last ice age. […]

Give your energy bill the finger!

Be the Change – Give your energy bill the finger! Flip the light switch off when you are not going to use the light in that space. You can have the most energy efficient bulb in your fixture but if we leave them on when not needed we are wasting resources, creating pollution, and wasting […]