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Crowd Sourcing for Solar Installation

Crowd Sourcing for Solar Installation How can we make this plain looking wall in our back alley useful and more beautiful? Every since we opened our business in 1991 it was my dream to have a portion of our power consumption to come from solar and/or other renewable energy sources. Recently I committed myself to […]

Saturday Documentary Screenings for December

Earth’s General Store – Downtown hosts a series of documentaries to challenge, inform, and inspire people to take action. Documentary subject vary and will cover subjects ranging from permaculture to social justice, animal rights/welfare to climate change, GMO/industrial agriculture to transportation/mobility and many subjects in between.


There are many big and little actions that contribute to Climate Change. The purpose of this blog post is to talk about one of the ‘little’ actions – idling our vehicles. Vehicles and the fuel that we use to produce mobility have a heavy footprint. We should be using these resources more efficiently, with more respect, and less. Here are some resources on idling to check out.