1976 Coal Policy

Last year, the United Conservative Government rescinded a policy that had effectively protected many areas of the foothills and eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains from coal development that had been in place for 45 years. This is referred to as the 1976 Coal Policy. This policy was the “Coal Policy” and was put in …


One of the greatest gifts you can give your health, the planet, your family, the welfare of animals, the environment, etc – is to reduce the amount of animal products you consume. Veganuary is a month-long campaign to encourage people to try this lifestyle. You can join the campaign through the Veganuary website and get …

Climate Strike

Just like the world’s oceans, the youth of the world are rising. On March 15th, 2019, Edmonton will be participating in the Global Climate Strike. What is Climate Strike? The original Climate Strike started in 2015 (and possibly earlier) but the latest movement was inspired by a young Swedish girl named, Greta Thundberg. You can watch …

Toilet Paper

We vote every day with our dollars of the kind of world we want. A significant portion of our Boreal forests is cut down to make toilet paper to be flushed down the toilet. There is a better option. You can choose toilet paper that uses recycled fiber content. This supports our recycling efforts and reduces the pressure on forests.

Wasteless Wednesday

In an effort to encourage people to reduce the amount of packaging they consume in their daily lives we are launching our Wasteless Wednesday campaign. Find out how you can participate in #WastelessWednesday

Palm Oil

Palm oil is an ingredient that some people wish to avoid. Not because it is something that may increase their estrogen levels, they are allergic to it, or some other medical reason. No – it is an ethical choice – like choosing Fair Trade chocolate or coffee.

Refill Tuesday

As part of our Plastic-Free July campaign, we will have a special discount day in July called Refill Tuesday. Come and refill your liquid products on our Refill Tuesday and get 10% OFF. This is only for liquid products.

Take a Bag Leave a Bag

The majority of our customers bring in their own reusable bags but there are times when they forget or purchase more than they planned. At times like this we have reusable cardboard boxes for people to use and as part of our Plastic-Free July, we are going to launch the much delayed Take a Bag Leave a Bag program.

Plastic-Free July

Plastic-free July. Get 1$ loyalty reward point for each bag/container you use/refill. We want to encourage you to reuse/refill for the month of July and for it to become a long-term habit.