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There are many big and little actions that contribute to Climate Change. The purpose of this blog post is to talk about one of the ‘little’ actions – idling our vehicles. Vehicles and the fuel that we use to produce mobility have a heavy footprint. We should be using these resources more efficiently, with more respect, and less. Here are some resources on idling to check out.

Syrian Cheese Workshop & Fundraiser

Earth’s General Store is working with Good Note Farm and Maryann Borch to bring aย Syrian Cheese Workshop & Fundraiser to our downtown store this coming Sunday, November 8th (same day as our Sunday Sale Day). Come and learn how to make a variety of Simple Syrian cheeses and support a good cause. Funds raised till […]

Cooking and Uncooking Classes

Plans are afoot to launch a regular series of cooking and uncooking classes for the winter months. We are just finalizing some details, and a list of classes will be up shortly. These classes will be focused on developing skills, rather than just imparting recipes. People will learn how to make a meal that is nutritious, balanced, plant based, healthier, reasonably priced, and delicious. We intend to help people broaden their base storehouse of go-to recipes.