Butler Soy Curls

People are REALLY enthused about this product. Our sales in 2020 were double our 2019 sales. I think that is because people are discovering the versatility of these Butler Soy Curls. Have you tried them? We only offer these soy curls in bulk so please bring your own bag or container to refill. Our mission …

Waste-Reduced Store

Earth’s General Store is moving into our next evolution. April will see us dramatically reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in our store. AS of May 1st, 2019 we will not offer single-use plastic produce bags and plastic bags for people to fill up from our bulk products.

DIY Christmas Gifts

There is still time to craft some DIY Christmas gifts. Do you want to make bath bombs with your children to give presents to their cousins? Do you want to make some chocolate treats? Do you want to craft some lip balms, body balms, soaps, etc? If you are looking for the best prices in Edmonton for most of these ingredients then come by because we have citric acid, essential oils, witch hazel, cacao butter, shea butter, baking soda, and so much more. Most of these are in bulk so please consider reusing your own containers and/or bags.

Wasteless Wednesday

In an effort to encourage people to reduce the amount of packaging they consume in their daily lives we are launching our Wasteless Wednesday campaign. Find out how you can participate in #WastelessWednesday

Introduction to Refilling

If you want to reduce your plastic footprint then come and check out our Refillery. You can refill almost 500 items from our store – many oft hem unique to our store. Read through our Introduction to Refilling and find out what to expect.

Bulk List

Our store offers an incredible and diverse opportunity for people to reduce their plastic footprint. Check out this bulk list of the products we carry in our store. Buy bulk and save money and resources!