Cash Back at Earth’s General Store

Now you can get cash back at Earth’s General Store as part of our community services.

Over the years people have asked us whether we do cash back via our debit terminal. We didn’t realize it was not a big technical or administrative challenge, that it would not cost us anything beyond the usual transaction cost and that our equipment did not need to be updated.

Over the past week we started to offer cash back at both of our stores.

We like to offer this to our customers because it will save them money. Several of the ATMs in the area charge a person $2 to process a withdrawal and sometimes an additional banking fee. Taking your money out of your account should not overly cost you money. Earth’s General Store will be saving people money and offering a convenience – we like that and hope you do too!

The maximum that we let people take at one time is 60$ (so we don’t run out of cash at our checkout counters) and you need to make a purchase.

When you are doing a debit transaction the customer handheld device will prompt you if you would like to have a cash back as part of the transaction. Please let the staff person know that you have requested some cash back.

Thanks and we hope you like this additional service your community store now offers.

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