Campaign Website

As you may have heard, I, Michael Kalmanovitch, the owner and founder of Earth’s General Store, am running to be the MP for Edmonton Strathcona in the upcoming federal election. I am inviting you to visit my campaign website.

Why am I running and why a Campaign Website?

This is basically the same reason why I opened the store, do what I do and live the way I live. Because it is needed.

For better or worse, I wholeheartedly understand that our biosphere is under threat and the incremental action being taken by our politicians, corporations, and society at large will not help us

I would rather serve my community doing what I have been doing for close on 30 years and expanding the store but the change that it produces is not enough compared to what is needed. We need to do individual actions. We need to do collective actions. AND we need to do some big political actions.

Ergo – I entered into running in politics. I encourage you to consider shifting your vote and support my campaign to be the first Green party elected from the Canadian Prairies. A Green Party MP from Edmonton! I believe that would send a great message – we want change and action!

Please check out my campaign website and/or follow me on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at @GreenMichaelK. Just as I did business differntly I will be doing politics differently.

As the byline from Change for Climate says – “Let’s Change Something Before Climate Changes Everything“. We need to Change for Climate and we cannot do this WITHOUT making some big changes.