Bulk is Almost Always Less!

A few weeks ago, a fellow was in the store and made a comment that he had heard that bulk was more than our packaged products. I kind of took umbrage to this statement and said bulk is almost always less costly to the purchaser than a packaged product. Bulk is Almost Always Less!

This person said this statement as if every bulk item in our store was more expensive and that we were somehow ripping people off. I was quite floored.

I just want to get it out there and into people’s minds – buying bulk is almost always less to purchase than packaged items. Plus you are reducing the demands on the planet for more packaging to be manufactured and in the waste stream.

If you are unsure then do an experiment – check it out. This is what science would do to find the answer. When you have your item refilled and pay for it. Then go and check the price on the shelf and notice the savings. You will see your savings. Cha-Ching! More money in your product and less packaging in the waste stream because bulk is almost always less to purchase than packaged. Don’t take my word for it – check it out.

So in this example, I did back in 2018 the savings was 25% when you refilled. This is the least expensive way to have soy free ‘soy sauce’ (aka coconut aminos).

Coconut Aminos Refilled


Over the years, we have made a few calculation errors but they were quickly corrected. In fact, if you find something in our store where the bulk is more expensive than the package (in our store) I will give you 30% off that purchased item. We will then review the pricing for that item and correct it. Your 30% reward will be our thanks to you for bringing this to our attention.

In the past, I have posted prices from other places to show how much people can save when they choose bulk over packaged. I will quite often mention to people when they are buying herbs or spices that it is the number one place in the store that they can save money and resources. The savings that a person would get from just the herbs and spices should make us a destination for many people.

Our job is to help repair the ecosystem where humans live. We are not here to rip people off.

Oddly enough, just a few days ago I had another person come in and said almost the opposite of what the first person said – our bulk prices were very good. This second person did say their experience at another store that offered lots of bulk options

Please note that the only reason I can’t say Bulk is ALWAYS less than package is because sometimes we make mistakes. I am talking about our store only and comparing apples to apples. But I will commit to you that if you are buying bulk from our store that you will save money compared to any other store in Edmonton – maybe not on every item but what we are not less than another store you will more than make up for the differential with savings on other items.

“Buy the change you want in the world” can be part of the “Be the change in the world” mantra. Each purchase we make makes a difference. It is your choice that will dictate the difference.