Pedalling Organic Grocery Delivery Service

Pedalling Organics Delivery service Bin in Cargo Box

Earth’s General Store Downtown Launches Pedalling Organics Grocery Delivery Service beta-testing of Office and Home delivery by bicycle in the downtown core.

Our “Pedalling Organics Grocery Delivery Service” will be going through a beta test mid January with one business. Mid February we will be adding one or two more deliveries a week and by March we should be able to handle 4-5 deliveries a day.

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What a great combination!

Earth’s General Store brings together several ecological and sustainable aspects to this enterprise:

  • Bicycle transportation – orders will be put together at our downtown store locations and our cargo bike will be used to deliver the orders
  • community – Earth’s General Store is part of the downtown community. We are the only source of fresh organic produce in the city core and we take that responsibility very seriously.
  • local business – we have been in business since 1991. We are locally owned and operated.
  • Certified organic produce – we offer the best fresh organic produce
  • organic food – we endeavour to have the highest percentage of certified organic food items on our shelves
  • freshly made items from our Organic Cafe
  • Fair Trade products including our very well regarded Fair Trade and Organic fresh coffee beans (we roast it at our Whyte Avenue store in small artisanal batches every week)
  • and you – creating wonderful relationships.Pedalling Organics Delivery service delivering to Urgan Systems

We are very pleased to be working with Urban Systems to bring bicycle (active) grocery delivery service to the downtown core. Urban Systems operates on a low hierarchical system and therefore the staff can venture out to find solutions to meet their ethical, ecological and that aligns with the values of their organisation. They sought us out to create something a little closer to their values. Pedalling Organics meets those values.

Check out this article on from the Edmonton Journal’s article and video.

Let us know if you would be interested in participating in the initial adventure. You can find more information about this new service we are offering by going to the Pedalling Organics webpage.

Below are the packages that we offer but really if you want anything from our store and you know what it is then we are open to delivering it (within reason that is).  You can even order items from our Organic Cafe like our famous Sprouted Green Lentil Hummus.

We have three sizes of Office Boxes – Small, Medium and Large. The small has 35-39 pieces of fruits, the medium has 45-49 pieces and the large has 55-59 pieces. The range in number of fruit has to deal with the weight and sizes of the pieces. Most fruits and vegetables are sold by weight since people can choose whether they want a larger or smaller piece of fruit.

At present Pedalling Organics will be delivering the boxes once a week and on Mondays so that everyone can start off the week with a delicious box of fresh organic produce to jump into.

ALL of our produce is Certified Organic and much of it is Fair Trade (bananas, avocados, some melons, sometimes pineapples, etc) as well. When seasonally available we do provide organically grown produce from our local suppliers like Sparrow’s Nest Organic, Man’s Organic, and others.

You can follow this service on Twitter @PedalOrganics and our Pedalling Organics Facebook page.

Pedalling Organic Delivery Service Cargo Bicycle at High Level Bridge

Note that the prices of fresh produce is undergoing fluctuation (well increasing quite a bit). Earth’s General Store will need to adjust their prices or quantities to accommodate these price increases. We will work hard to still offer you the best prices for this service.

We want to work with you about reducing our ecological footprint. Urban Designs supplied us with some mason jars to refill their dried fruit order and therefore cutting down on packaging and it was about 50% less per kilo than the packaged product). Saving money and the environment.