Basket Full of Local Goodness

People are surprised about the number of local products we carry in the store. Of course, the number of items available from local sources changes over the year since our local producers can’t grow during the winter months. To highlight our offering we are launching a #myYEGgrocer competition with a draw for a basket full of local goodness.

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To enter, all you have to do is to take a photograph of yourself and/or a local product in one of our stores, tag it with #myYEGgrocer, #ShopLocal and one of the store’s social media names/platforms (see above), and post it to your circle. You can also use the cutout as part of your photograph (ask one of the staff for it for your photographs). You may enter as many times as you would like right up until December 21st, 2016.


What will you win in our Basket Full of Local Goodness?

A basket (well it will likely be a large box) of locally produced foods and a sampling of what we offer at our store.

  • Pierogi – choice of Vegan, Organic or Saeurkraut
  • Dumplings – locally produced vegan dumplings from Honest Dumplings
  • Sailin’ On coconut bacon
  • bread – a loaf of bread from one of our local bread suppliers (Prairie Mill or Breadland)
  • cinnamon bun – a delicious cinnamon bun from with Prairie Mill or Breadland
  • NKD chocolate – your choice of one of their raw chocolate bars
  • One dozen eggs from Purnima Farms
  • Milk – Vital Green – your choice of a 2L jug of Organic non-Homogenized milk (Skim, 1%, 2% or 3.5%)
  • Hummus – our famous hummus made fresh in our downtown cafe
  • Produce – a selection of seasonally available locally grown items
  • Cheese – Cashew cheese from Truffula
  • Cheese – Fairwinds
  • Yogurt – Vital Green
  • Coffee – One pound of freshly roasted, organic and Fair Traded coffee from Earth’s General Store
  • Oatmeal pack – Gold Forest Grains
  • Pancake Mix pack – Gold Forest Grains
  • Lip Balm – a tube of locally produced lip balm from Prairie Dawn
  • Soap – 5 soap bars from Calgary soap maker Alberta Natural Products.
  • Sunny Boy flour – grown on the Canadian Prairies and milled in Camrose, Alberta
  • PLUS 25$ gift card from Earth’s General Store

We will offer vegan and gluten-free substitutions/options to the winner.

We will make the draw on the December Solstice (December 21st, 2016) – just iSolsticen time for the holiday season! The December Solstice is commonly called the Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere.

We offer more that just local products. We are the only locally owned organic food store in Edmonton.  There are lots of things you can’t buy that are locally made/grown but you can support local by putting your money into a local business. More of the money you spend with our stores and cafe stays right here in Edmonton.

Buying local food produces local money. Local food is fresher, plant ripened and seasonal. When we purchase local foods we make connections with people that grow our food (either directly at farmer’s markets or via one-degree of separation through local stores). We support these people in our communities that grow nutritious food for our families.

Earth’s General Store carries lots of locally produced products. We carry them because it makes sense.