Anniversary Week Sale

Whew – 25 years! Today we celebrate our 25th year in business. We started our business on September 3rd, 1991 and so we are going to celebrate it by having an Anniversary Week Sale. Throughout the week (September 4th to September 10th) we will have lots of items throughout the store for 25% off.

You will be offered 25% off a wide selection of items. But many of the sales will only last a day or two so you want to be following us on Social Media to keep up on what is on sale on what days.

Lots of things for the back to school people/families.

Anniversary Week Sale Items:

  • Nature’s Path Cereals – Eco Pacs only
  • Arizona Pepper: sauces – hot and flavourful
  • Green Beaver personal care products – deodorants, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, body and face creams, lip balms, beard conditioner, mustache wax, and soaps.
  • Dessert Essence: toothpaste, lip balms, mouthwash.
  • Badger Balms: lip and body balms
  • Alaffia/Everyday Shea: shampoos, conditioners, body wash, body lotion, face cream.Alaffia Box Image for Anniversary Sale
  • Annie’s Homegrown: Made famous with the Bunny shaped pasta, mac and cheese, crackers, fruit treats.
  • Rizopia Pasta: Gluten Free pasta made out of brown rice, quinoa and wild rice.
  • Sunbutter: seed spread made from organic sunflowers making it a nut-free spread.
  • Lundberg Rice: 2 pound/907gm bags – basmati, jasmine, brown, white, long and short rice.
  • Smart Bite: kind of like rice crackers but made out of a variety of grains – kamut, corn, rice, amaranth.
  • Clif bars: a wide variety of flavours. This includes the popular ‘Builders’ protein bars
  • Amy’s Burritos: Gluten-Free and vegan options
  • Prana: Nut snacks and Trails snacks. Organic and Canadian
  • Daiya yogurts: The latest products from Daiya. Simple delicious. Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, and blueberry flavours.Chao Cheese Slices
  • Field Roast: Chao Cheeses: Creamy Original, Tomato Cayenne, and Coconut Herb
  • Cocoa Libre: Certified Organic Coconut Water that comes in plain and pineapple flavour.
  • Farmer’s Market: Pumpkin Puree, Sweet Potatoe Puree, and Pumpkin Pie Mix (and don’t forget that we now carry a vegan sweetened condensed coconut milk to milk you pumpkin pies with)
  • Tofurky Slices: Hickory, Original Oven Roasted, Roast Beef, Pepperoni, Bologna, Italian
  • Tofurky Grounds: ‘Beef’ and Chorizo flavoured
  • Thai Kitchen: Curry sauces – red curry, yellow curry, and red curry.
  • Natura beverages – Soy and almond milks.
  • Wild Country instant coffee substitute
  • Pacific Foods: Select broths
  • Imagine Foods: Soups and broths
  • Guru Energy Drinks: Guru now has three other flavours.
  • Country Choice Cookies – Lemon Creams, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Duplex (vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other)

GREAT opportunity to save some serious cash on your groceries and personal care products.

Also, enter your name in for daily draws for gift baskets and gift cards. There will be two draws at the end of the week for two Adirondack chairs (assembly required).

Check out our social media streams to keep informed about sales and events: Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.

Sorry, no rain checks. Items sold first come first sold and while quantities last.

Some items may not be available in both of the stores.



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