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Adara Hair Studio

Several of you may have heard that our neighbours, Adara Hair Studio, is going to move out. Here is something that has been happening in our lives and much revolves around their decision to move. A few people have asked if we would expand into their space. I explain the process I went through, why and what is going to happen.

I have been trying to figure out how to do a store that is more in line with my values. I would like to take the store more in the direction of a zero-waste store but within the realities of what else we are trying to do. Less packaging, more bulk, more items made locally and in bulk, fresh items without their usual packaging, lowering our impact on the planet even more, and more opportunities for people to choose less packaged options.

I was trying to figure out how to make this work within the space of our present store and had drawn up a few scenarios in my head. Then a few weeks ago our neighbour, Adara Hair Studio, let me know that they were going to move out at the end of the year. I then started to think about how we could use that space.

I spent the last few weeks working on how to make what I envisioned in Adara’s space. I just wasn’t feeling it. I would get excited about certain aspects of it like the cafe, patio, deli, food production kitchen and bulk liquid bar but in the end, I just don’t have the energy and drive to create a whole new aspect of the store.

If we had been given this opportunity in 2014, I would have jumped all over it and not opened the downtown store. I am still paying off the debt load for the downtown store venture which will be paid off next year. I am fortunate that you, our customers, allow us the opportunity to do our business and pay off our loans. Many businesses are not in that position. Thank you!

It was a difficult decision and I am sad to see the possibility of that dream slip out of my grasp.

That all being said, I do intend to borrow some money and redesign the inside of the store to give you an Edmonton the store I envision. Stay tuned!

I have suggested to our landlady who we would like to move into the space but I am not at liberty to let people know this at the moment.  Adara Hair Studio has been a good neighbour and will continue to be a good neighbour since they are just moving across the avenue. We will likely host their cut-a-thon fundraiser in the parking lot next year.

BUT, if this particular tenant doesn’t work out for the landlady then we may revisit the decision.

I am dealing with a few health issues that limit my physical energy – osteoarthritis, a double hernia and double rotator cuff problems. I do not have the level of health and energy I had 4 years ago when I started the downtown store. These physical conditions are dragging me down a bit.

I recently made a post listing the more than 475 products we carry in bulk. What I did not include on that list were all the items in our produce department. Yes, we have all the usual suspects like apples and oranges but we also have condom-free long English cucumbers, bulk spinach, mini cucumbers and many other non-plastic wrapped items. Each bulk option gives you the chance to avoid another plastic bag.

Our redesigned store will have less packaged products so we can make way for more bulk items. I will be away in the UK for two weeks looking after my mother and this will give me an opportunity to sit down and do the redesign and what the new space will be able to offer you. I am excited about this change but not as much as my younger self would be.