A Love Note to Paris

Thank you to all my fellow citizens for showing up in Paris to demand effective and immediate action to be taken on Climate Change for you I send “A Love Note to Paris”.

Thank you for taking time from your lives to stand in Paris to be witness to the outcome of what is decided in the Paris Climate Talks.

Thank you for figuring out ways to keep this in the media even though the spectacle of a large scale march was not able to take place due to concerns of terrorist attacks.

Thank you for showing your love for present and future humanity and our shared home.

Thank you for taking action.

To each and everyone of you thanks.

I love you.


It has taken humanity a long time to get to the precipice that is Climate Change.  It will take time to slow and stop Climate Change but it is something we MUST do.


IF – Paris does not produce an effective action plan then I call on humanity to judge and sentence those countries, organisations, politicians, lobbyists, etc with Ecocide. If we do not deal quickly with the Climate Change Challenge then we have failed in our short existence. We have proven we are not intelligent or wise and we deserve the outcome. Unfortunately our dithering and impotence on this issue may sentenced millions, and possibly billions, of people to die, displaced, or live a life that will be challenging.

All of those corporations, lobbyists, organisations, and politicians that showed up in Paris to speak against effective action – you are guilty. Shame on you. You should be held accountable for the devastation your actions have caused the world. People that have profited from delaying action should be dealt with. They need to be tried for Earth Justice.

The problem of Climate Change is huge and we need to tackle it very effectively and immediately. There are lots of resources available on the internet on what each person can do to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels – eat less meat, use active transportation, turn down the heat in our homes, fly less, vote – get involved, consume less, take action now!

This is serious people.

When your grandchild asks you what did you do to advert Climate Change wouldn’t it be great to have a good answer and one your grandchild will be proud to hear.