Valentines’s Day is on Wednesday and to show you the love we have for you we are having an ONE DAY 20% OFF ALL CHOCOLATE.

Note – this is not limited to just chocolate bars and such – this is Everything! This includes cocoa, chocolate, and cacao products.

Check out the extensive list of chocolate items in our store”

  • YOSO Chocolate yogurt
  • Natural Kitchen Delights (NKD) – local raw vegan
  • Sweets from the Earth – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – most people don’t even cook this but eat it out of the tube 🙂
  • Daiya Chocolate cheese/Cheeze Cakes (cheesecakes)
  • Coconut Bliss coconut based ‘ice cream’ – ars and tubs
  • So Delicious coconut and/or cashew based ‘ice cream’ – bars and tubs
  • Prana Chocolate bark 4 flavours
  • Everland Chocolate Bark – 6 flavours
  • Natura Chocolate Soy Beverage (tetra pack)
  • Isolar Bio Chocolate Quinoa Beverage (tetra pack)
  • Natura Chocolate Almond Beverage
  • Nature’s Path Koala Crisp
  • Cocoa Camino Chocolate and Baking Chocolate 55%, 71%, and 100%
  • Country Choice Chocolate Cookies (like Oreos but organic) and Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies
  • Giddy Yoyo Chocolate bars – Chai Spice 77%, Raspberry 72%, Sweet Vanilla 69%, Limon Salt 76%, Mint Hundo 100%, Hundo 100%, Chaga 79%, Spirulina 76%, Ginger 76%, Maca 76%, Moka, Cinnamon 72%, Vanilla Salt 82%, Cinnamon Spice 76%, Orange 76%, XDark 89%, Mint 76%, Original 76%
  • Nature’s Path Love Crunch – Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Macaroon, and Dark Chocolate Cinnamon & Cashew
  • Cocoa Camino – Bulk Chocolate Chips (55 and 71%) and Dark Chocolate Couverture.
  • Enjoy Life Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips (mini and Dark Chocolate)
  • Go Go Quinoa Gluten-Free Chocolate Quinoa Crunchies
  • Organic Fare -Mystic Mole
  • 4 O’Clock Tea – Chocolate Spice Teabags
  • Cocoa Camino Hot Chocolate Powders – Simply Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Maple Chocolate, Intensely Chocolate, and Chili & Spice Chocolate
  • Just US! – Peppermint Dark Hot Chocolate Powder
  • Cocoa Camino – BULK Hot Chocolate (Milk and dark)
  • Cocoa Camino – Cocoa Powder (Dutch Processed)
  • Level Up Superfoods (Local coffee additive – much like Bulletproof Coffee) – Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Chocolate, Dirty Chai Chocolate, and Chili Mocha
  • Teccino coffee Substitute – Mocha and Chocolate
  • Organic fare – Golden Milk Chocolate Bar and Golden Mil Turmeric Chocolate Elixir
  • Cacao Butter
  • Vega One Bars, Sports bars, Maca Bars
  • Bulletproof – Upgraded Cacao Butter
  • Chocolate Covered Golden Berries
  • Vega All-In-One Chocolate powder
  • Manitoba Harvest hemp Pro 70 (Chocolate flavour)
  • Raw Rev Dark Chocolate Cashew & Mint, Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, and Double Chocolate Brown Butter Bars
  • Navita’s Cacao Nibs and Cacao Beans
  • Pegan Chocolate Lava Bars
  • Manitoba Harvest ProFibre Chocolate Powder
  • Vega Chocolate Smoothie
  • Denman Island Chocolate Hearts
  • Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Drinking Chocolate
  • Divine Milk Chocolate (these are Christmas cholates and you can double down on the discount).
  • Bulk Nibs
  • Bulk Cacao Beans

    Cacao Beans
  • Bulk Cacao Paste
  • Great Bear Snack Bars
  • Just US! Chocolate Bars
  • Koukla Snack Bars
  • Heavenly Organics – Chocolate covered honey drops
  • Cocoa Camino Chocolate Bars
  • Cocoa Camino Mini Chocolate Bars
  • Zazubean Mini Chocolate bars –
  • Zazubean Chocolate Bars
  • Alter Eco Chocolate Bars
  • Alter Eco Chocolate Truffles
  • Lily’s Sugar Fre Chocolate Bars
  • Eli’s Chocolate/Candy Bars
  • Theo’s Chocolate Bars (seasonal)
  • Sjaak’s Chocolate Bars
  • iChoc Vegan Chocolate Bars – ‘Milk’ Chocolate (they use a rice beverage to provide the ‘milk dimension).
  • Go Max Go Chocolate Candy Bars – Twilight, Jokerz, Buccaneer, Thumb’s Up, Snap, Mahalo, Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups (dark and ‘Milk’ Chocolate)
  • Prana Kilimanjaro Chocolate & Nut Mix
  • Clif bars – White Chocolate Macadamia, Chocolate Chips, and Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Elevate Bars
  • Pro Bars
  • Gorilly Foods – Forest (Chocolate, Fruit, and Nuts) and Trail (Nuts, Goji and Cashews)
  • Vega Chocolate Protein Powder

So search our store and find something that has chocolate in it and you will get 20% OFF that item. I probably missed some items so you are not limited to what is on this list. If it has chocolate or cacao/cocoa in it it is 20% OFF!


  • No Rain Checks. What we have on the shelves is what you can purchase.

  • No bulk purchases. you won’t be able to buy any cases or sacks of chocolate items.

  • Maximum 6 chocolate bars per person – it is the holiday of loving so let’s make sure everyone can get some of this great deal 🙂

  • You need to be in the store to purchase items (no phone or email orders) – sorry.

  • Maximum 1 kilogram of each bulk item per person.

Many of our chocolate and cacao products are Fair Trade certified and Certified Organic. We want to ensure when you are enjoying these fine quality chocolate products the people producing them and the planet are protected.