1976 Coal Policy

Last year, the United Conservative Government rescinded a policy that had effectively protected many areas of the foothills and eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains from coal development that had been in place for 45 years. This is referred to as the 1976 Coal Policy.

This policy was the “Coal Policy” and was put in place in 1976 by the Lougheed government. The UCP said that the policy was obsolete and basically tore it up. They did not have something in place to replace it but it seems like it was blocking the exploration and development of
I believe this is hugely short-sighted by the UCP government and those companies that are doing exploration and spending money on the initial development of an industry that is coming to an end.
Also, there is political uncertainty. The UCP is doing such a poor job of just about anything I can think of. They have invested over 6 BILLION of our money in fossil fuels, given corporations major tax reductions, lost jobs, dismantled some important aspect of the health care infrastructure, pissed off rural doctors to the point that some have left the province, they are putting our pension at risk, etc.
They are very poor managers of our money, our people, our health, our heritage/future, and the environment.
I believe that the next government will be an NDP government because people will be woken up to the fact that the Conservative ideology is not very good for them personally or for their community. This political uncertainty is not a good place for corporations to invest in. If they do invest and the next government creates an updated version of the 1976 Coal Policy (which it should do) then the investments by those coal/extractive industries could be for naught.
But changing policies could be very expensive to Albertans since those corporations will likely demand compensation. We need to let those corporations know that this is not a good investment for them now so that we do not have to pay them compensation in the future.
Jason Kenney is putting us in a position of debt.
We brought in these decals to sell to help raise money for the legal costs of people in Southern Alberta who are taking the provincial government to court over their shortsighted push to open the eastern slopes to coal development.
If you would like to get one to show your support we have them at the store. They are 10$ each. 100% of the money goes to the organizations for legal costs.
Hang the decal so people can see it and talk with your friends and family about it. For more information Goggle “1976 Coal Policy”.
The development of any mines in our headwaters will negatively impact the cities and many Indigenous lands and communities. Gone are the days that corporations and governments can just say – it is good for business and good for bringing in money so let’s do it.
Our descendants deserve better stewardship. Let’s be better ancestors. We need a better future and to achieve this we need to take actions now to get us there. One of those actions is to use less fossil fuels. We know that they have a very heavy footprint when it comes to the climate crisis. We need to use less. This kind of ideological policy from this Conservative government is unhealthy for present and future people, the land, the air, and the water.
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