Sale Sundays

Our Sale Sundays are our most popular day of the month. Sale Sundays happen the Second Sunday of the month. The next one will be on March 13th and the one in April is on April 10th.

Organic food is a premium product. It is grown with more care and respect for the land and the people involved in the growing. It is more expensive than non-organic to produce and therefore the price on our shelves is often at a higher point than non-organic foods.

Fortunately our customers understand the benefits of organic food to the planet, the growers and their own health and are willing to seek out and pay this premium. Our customers also tell us we have the best organic prices on a consistent basis than other companies in Edmonton.

We are going to introduce some double discount items this month. These are products that we have reduced by 15% for the day PLUS you get the 15% Sunday Sale Day discount so you get a total of 28% off. This is an incredible deal.

Lately more people have pre-ordered items (mostly bulk items) prior to the Sale Sundays and then picked it up on Sale Sundays and is getting out of hand. Our policy is that we don’t order in items for people to pick up specifically on this date. Therefore we are restricting the picking up of hold/pre-ordered items to be picked up on these sale days.

People will only get the 15% off on items that are in regular stock/inventory.