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New Items at Earths General Store

Earth’s General Store continuously expands our selection of Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan/Vegetarian and Raw Food items. This month I am very pleased to let people know we have some new excellent products. Some of them are new to not only our store but to Edmonton (such as bulk organic olive oil, bulk organic sesame oil, bulk organic almond meal).

Fermentation Crocks

We have sold Harsch Ceramic Fermentation Crocks for a couple of years and people really liked the old world style, the knowledge that generations of families made great sustaining fermented foods in them, they presented a technology that people could understand (water well along the lip to control air and venting, a good lid and […]

New Items this Week at Earth’s General Store

Some exciting new items this week: Daiya Cheese SLICES – Swiss, Cheddar and Provolone Gopal’s Health Food Power Wraps are back in stock after a long absences Gopal’s Health Food Sprouted Raw Bars – Almond, Brazil nut, and Hazelnut PreBio Jerusalem Artichoke Pre-biotic powder SmarrtKlean Laundry Balls Sproutman’s Multi Level Wheat Grass stacking sprouter/growing beds […]